Quality Assurance
Products provided by GMC are tested and certified through our ISO 9001 controls on Chemical analysis. Physical Properties, Microstructure, and Dimensions via the latest inspection measures.

Delivery Guarantee
GMC implements a "Consignment Stock" policy at its South African warehouse for products used on a more regular basis in these industries, to guarantee delivery and any unforeseen requirements from customers.
The delivery guarantee is highly recognized as one of the top priority aspects of this customer service. Deliveries are also guaranteed through our internal pre-planning systems.

Technical Support and On-Site Services
With our sales and Marketing division located in South Africa, GMC offers prompt on-site services to all customers' enquiries. Our manufactures' research and development facilities have earned and international reputation
for excellent technical support and for an innovative approach.

Continuous Improvement Programme
GMC is committed to offering its clients a continuous improvement programme with the idea of enhancing performance levels and containing costs where ever possible.



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